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Plasma simulation examples

Type Description Setup files How-to
1D - RF parallel plate discharge Accuracy benchmark for PIC-MC codes Guide and results
3D - magnetic field computation Basic example with planar magnetron geometry Detailed setup guide
Feature info Description on how to load magnetic field files from external sources Guide
Feature info Description on how to iterate subsequently between DSMC and PIC-MC simulations Guide
2D - magnetron discharge Basic 2D plasma example with planar magnetron Detailed setup guide
2D - magnetron discharge Visualization of electron movement in an existing plasma put ZIP file here How to visualize electron movement
2D - dielectric barrier discharge Atmospheric pressure discharge in N2 Detailed setup guide
3D - magnetron discharge Linear setup to investigate ionization waves a.k.a. 'spokes' Guide and results
3D - RF ICP discharge Inductively coupled plasma discharge simulation of radio frequency ion thruster Guide and results